Drive traffic to your stores and connect with your customers

Create a personal dialogue with your customers based on their personal preferences and interactions. We see it much like an ongoing conversation with a close friend, as the app informs, predicts, and guides allowing you to connect with your customers and drive traffic to your stores.

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A white-label customer loyalty platform with design customization

Let the team behind Loop support you in the customization your app based on your needs and preferences that fit your brand identity.

Increase customer loyalty and boost repeat purchases in your stores

Why not make shopping in your stores easier and more fun for your customers? Loop can provide you with various unique features, that will help you increase customer loyalty and boost repeat purchases in your stores instantly.

Reward customers and maintain their engagement

Give your customers a bonus instead of money when shopping in your stores. Customers using the app to pay for their groceries can see their bonus increase instantly which definitely encourage them to visit you more often.

Data-driven development based on real feedback

The solution has been in production for +2 years at Coop, the largest grocery retailer in Denmark, integrating with 4 different POS systems. We are born out of retail and understand this domain. Our solution is mature and can handle a range of “worst-case” scenarios in a complex retail context. We use AI to catch unnormal cases and troubleshoot issues. and our loyalty platform has proved commercial value, increasing loyalty and turnover. All our services are hosted in the cloud and we work with the latest Azure stack.

We power the leading retail brands in Denmark


Increase product awareness.


Give a bonus instantly.


For specific products or stores.


Gain more returning customers.


Based on purchase history.


Makes shopping even easier.


For sharing and grocery overview.


Let customers skip the line.

Let us help you create and maintain customer engagement across all touchpoints in retail.